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11 Linden Park Building
11 Linden Park
Rochester, NY 14625
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The Green Machine SRV is a state-of-the-art mobile science and technology laboratory that can be set up right in your school district parking lot.  The laboratory accommodates up to 14 students at a time.  IT includes 5 work stations (CSI, Ecology, Geography, Zoology, Medical).  Students assigned to these stations must work together in a specified scenario in order to solve a mystery.  The laboratory is solar powered and requires no additional power to run the technology.

An unidentified person has been found unconscious.  The CSI Team must complete DNA and fingerprinting test in order to learn the person's identity.  The Geography Team studies digital images to learn where in NYS the person has traveled.  The Ecology Team studies water samples from each of these locations looking for contaminates.  The Zoology Team studies invasive and indigenous species found in these locations searching for possible infectious scenarios.  The Medical Team synthesizes all data collected by Zoology and Ecology and makes a diagnosis and recommends a course of action to cure the patient.  Click on the link below (Green Machine SRV Flyer) to obtain more information.

For more information contact, Steve Orcutt at or 585-249-7890

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Green Machine Solar Powered Research Vehicle (SRV)
Monroe #1 BOCES Technology Services
15 Linden Park
Rochester, NY 14625