• Policies

    Monroe #1 BOCES is committed to providing an accessible learning environment consistent with its obligations under applicable state and federal laws. Students who have questions regarding the availability of accommodations, such as interpreters or other assistive devices, should contact the Adult Education office at 585-544-4886


    Fees are due at the time of registration. Checks, cash (exact), money orders, and bank checks are accepted; please make payable to Monroe #1 BOCES.

    If you receive public assistance, this fee can be waived with proof of need (copy of NYS Benefit card, SSI, or Unemployment). This document must be in your name. If you are on someone else’s case, there should be a letter stating so. You may stop by the office for us to make a copy of this documentation, or FAX it to us at 585-266-4929.


    There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee each academic year. Age requirements vary by location due to funding. Please refer to the specific program for more information. Orientation and individual assessment are required to determine eligibility.


    The registration fee paid each academic year is non-refundable.

    School Closings

    Local radio and TV stations will announce cancellations due to weather conditions. Class will always be held if an announcement is not made.


    New York State law prohibits smoking on school grounds at all times, both inside and outside campus buildings. This law will be strictly enforced.

    Solicitation Restriction

    Information or advice provided by instructors is not considered as information or advice endorsed by the District. Monroe #1 BOCES has imposed certain restrictions and guidelines on the activity of instructors regarding solicitation of business for personal or corporate benefit. The District cannot and will not monitor classes to make certain that instructors comply with these restrictions and guidelines.