• Honor An Educator Program

    The Monroe One BOCES Educational Foundation is proud to offer Honor An Educator, a program that provides recognition for current or retired educators, as well as support for BOCES staff or students. Money donated to the Foundation to Honor An Educator is awarded, in the name of the educator, to a staff person or as a scholarship to a student.

To Honor An Educator

  • What you need to do:

    Monroe One BOCES Educational Foundation provides:

    • Each Honor An Educator honoree receives an official certificate and public recognition, and
    • Each Honor An Educator honoree receives a complimentary one-year membership in the Monroe One BOCES Educational Foundation, Inc.

    How you benefit education:

    • Recognition for a current or former educator
    • Tax-exempt donations for contributors (you or your group)
    • Scholarship funds for students, or
    • Funds that support a BOCES project not covered by normal funding


    Here’s an example:

    A person or a group of people, such as a work department, selects John Q. Public as their honored educator. The funds are collected and donated to the Foundation through an Honor An Educator Program application submitted in John’s name, with the request that the funds be used for science and technology programs or technology equipment or middle school reading programs, etc. The Honor An Educator Program may be used at any time during the year for a birthday celebration, to recognize a retirement, at the completion of a degree program or a certificate program, etc. It’s as simple as that.


    For more information on the Honor An Educator Program, call (585) 383-2200.