Non-Public Computer Software Loan Program

  • This form is used to request computer software materials in accordance with the NYS Dept of Education Law Sections 751 and 752.

    To request materials, complete one form for each item requested. Please be very specific in product descriptions, publisher information, and catalog information.  Please indicate the operating system and version you are using. Please use current prices for the items you are requesting. When applicable, provide an email address where downloads should be sent. You may wish to prioritize your requests.   

    Completed Request Forms should be submitted to:

    Monroe #1 BOCES
    Kathy Altieri
    15 Linden Park
    Rochester, NY  14625

    Phone: 585-249-7289
    Fax: 585-249-7809

    We will process the requests after the non-public school enrollment has been verified. When the materials are received, we will label with the school district ownership and deliver via courier or email to the non-public school. A signature will be required when delivered by courier.  

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