Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) FAQs

  • What is an HRA (Section105)?

    A Health Reimbursement Account, also known as a Section 105 account, is money given by BOCES to all employees who enroll in either the RASHP 2 Value or RASHP 2 Select health insurance plans.

    This money can be used to help pay for co-pays and other qualifying medical expenses.

    The account is funded each January, and it accumulates year to year, if not used. The amount you receive will be prorated based on when you start working and further, if you are part-time. Also, HRA amounts vary depending on your union contract.



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  • Why are there different HRA amounts for the RASHP Select or Value plans?

    The amounts could vary depending on the plan that you are enrolled in or they could be the same for each plan.

    Check your union contract or the Benefits Summaries for the HRA amounts for each plan for your union.



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  • What happens if I don’t use all of the HRA money given to me by BOCES?

    Any unused money will roll from year to year.



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  • When is the HRA (Section 105) money available?

    The HRA amounts are based on the calendar year, which runs from January through December. Each January you are given the full HRA amount depending on the Health plan you are enrolled in and your contract. The money is deposited in an account and can be used with a Beniversal card.



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  • What is a Beniversal card?

    This is a pre-funded card that works like a debit card and is automatically mailed to you from a company called Benefit Resource, Inc.

    The money on the card comes from your HRA, if you have one, and also from a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), if you signed up for one.

    When you use your Beniversal card, you should keep all your receipts in case of questions.

    For more information and to check your balance, go to



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