ABE and TASC Test Preparation

  • Adult Basic Education (ABE) and TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ (formerly GED®) Preparation Classes are available to adult students who prefer classroom instruction to gain the skills necessary to prepare for and pass the TASC test.

    Now enrolling for In-Person classes to begin 8/14/20
    and Distance Learning classes to beginning 8/8/20 -
    get more information below.

    Monroe #1 BOCES Adult Education program will begin a phased reopening in accordance with Governor Cuomo’s executive order and guidance in Phase 4. Monroe #1 BOCES and the Adult Education Program are committed to creating and maintaining a healthy and safe re-opening of in-person classes and testing for our students, staff & visitors.

    The Monroe #1 BOCES Adult Education ABE/HSE Program will open up in stages. The stages that impact our ABE/HSE students are expressed below:

    Stage 1 - Return to In-Person Testing

    • In-Person testing for new and current students to begin the week 7/27/20 at the Plaza and Foreman Center locations. For more information please call us at the number below.
      • TABE - entrance assessment for our High School Equivalency classes
      • Best + - entrance assessment for our ESOL classes
      • Post-testing for current ESOL and High School Equivalency students
      • Readiness testing for High Scool Equivalency students looking to take the TASC exam

    Stage 2 - Return to In-Person Classes for ABE/HSE and/or Testing

    • ABE and HSE classes will return to in-person classes the week of 8/3/20 at the Plaza.
    • For more information please call us at the number below.
    • Distance learning under the current temporary COVID 19 process will continue until in-person classes resume.
    • Distance learning options will be available to interested students even after we return to in-person classes.
    • In-person testing will continue.

Parent Resource Guide - pdf file

Enrolling in ABE and TASC Test Prep

  • Due to COVID-19, Our student enrollment process will be be a little different. Please see the instructions/directions below. We are excited to help you reach your goals.  

    How do you get started?

    • Call us at 585-544-4886 to speak to our office clerk, Pat Moorehouse (or email her: Patricia_Moorehouse@boces.monroe.edu) about the steps to join the program.

    • Participate in an In-Take including Student Contract. Students would schedule an in-take appointment with the Program Manager (Arlene Meyer) via Office 365 Teams or Zoom.

    • Forms/paperwork: Students will be mailed hard copy registration forms and ISRF forms with postage paid envelopes. For tech savvy students, they will be directed to our webpage for the registration form and sent the fillable ISRF. 

    • New students will begin distance learning and may choose to continue with distance when we all come back together or they may choose to attend classes at one of our locations.

    • Tutoring sessions will also be available to sudents, weekly or twice a week, to stay connected.

Registration Information for ABE and TASC Test Prep


Where can I find classes when we return after the shutdown?

Cost and more details

  • Our classes are FREE to those who qualify!

    • There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee each academic year.
    • Students will meet minimum benchmarks to progress through the program toward TASC readiness.
    • A strict attendance policy is enforced.
    • Please see our Policies.

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