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Construction Trades students get real world experience with local carpenter's union

Construction is one of the fastest growing fields right now, with an estimated 400,000 new jobs being added. The current workforce is retiring rapidly, and while the demand is growing, the number of skilled workers is not. This is partially due to the pandemic, a booming housing market, and an increased demand for home improvement projects. 

This is where the Eastern Monroe Career Center (EMCC) comes in, a program of Monroe One BOCES where students from area high schools come to spend half of their day getting hands-on experience in a skilled trade - all while participating in industry-based exams and certifications, making students employable as soon as they graduate high school. 

BOCES accounts for the largest number of students statewide hired immediately after high school by local carpenter unions.  

On Thursday, students participated in a hands-on forms class with the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters.

Students in Thursday’s class have the potential to be hired immediately upon graduation, joining this in-demand industry – creating the foundation for buildings such as area homes, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure.