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Alumna lends voice to Geneva’s Unheard Voices

An Urban-Suburban alumna brought the untold stories of Geneva residents to the stage, in the first production from the "From Beyond" series to focus solely on the African American community.

Samari Brown graduated from Pittsford Mendon, joining the Urban-Suburban program as a child. Her academic career then brought her to Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

This past summer, Samari worked as a summer research assistant, conducting archival research with her peers in the program. Their work culminated in a production called “From Beyond: Geneva’s Unheard Voices”.

The “From Beyond” series is a partnership between Historic Geneva and the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Theatre. The production Samari helped to create, write, produce, and perform in is the third version from the series and. As the HWC Theatre describes it, was a “theatrical walking tour depicting the lives of un-and under-represented African American people who lived in Geneva, NY.”

The historic figures included in the production “were athletes, war heroes, educators, and entrepreneurs who lived and worked in Geneva, NY in the 19th Century.”

Fellow students and community actors joined Samari and her fellow research assistants as actors, tour guides, design and production members, and stage managers.

Samari mirrored with Nancy Lucas Curlin, a Black educator, that she played in the show.

Source: HWS Theatre. This image shows Samari mirrored with Nancy Lucas Curlin, a Black educator, who she played in the show.


Samari speaking during a draft presentation

Source: HWS Theatre. This picture shows Samari presenting the drafts of the piece, sharing them with a small audience and receiving feedback.