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Congratulations to Ms. Tawanda Johnson!

After serving Urban-Suburban with distinction for over three decades, Ms. Tawanda Johnson is retiring.

Tawanda has over 30 years of dedicated service to the families, students, partners, schools and staff of the Urban-Suburban program. 

To say she is a key member of the program is an understatement – Tawanda is often the first person a parent or school connects with when calling the Urban-Suburban team. She troubleshoots and solves their concerns and is instrumental to the program’s success.

Anyone who has interacted with Tawanda knows how much she cares about the students – which is reflected in the way she continues to go above and beyond to meet their needs.  

The Urban-Suburban team notes that Ms. Tawanda has demonstrated immeasurable talent, wisdom, dedication, and honesty in reaching the program’s goals and mission. This year, a special award - the Pearl Award - was created in Ms. Tawanda's honor to acknowledge her service.

We hope she enjoys her well-deserved time off as she enters into retirement.

Tawanda, we appreciate you for your lifetime of service to the Urban-Suburban program – and know you will be truly missed by our staff, our partnering schools, and our students.