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Kicking the year off together

Students from across our program kicked off the year together with their U-S classmates in partner districts.

Behind the scenes of the Urban-Suburban program is a team of Education Specialists. They are the connection between our families and school communities. Parents often call them first, and students know them by name.

They are a key part in a student’s academic and social-emotional success.

Every year, the team of Education Specialists put on a number of events for our students.

After modifications due to the COVID pandemic, this year the Welcome Back events kicked off in high gear.

From Brighton to Brockport, Pittsford to Penfield, and every where in between, the team gathered all the U-S students together in their respective districts to start the new school year off together.

Below you will see some photos from those fun events – ranging from ice cream socials and breakfast meetings, to team building with some friendly competition built in.