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Wegmans Corporate Executive Chef Visits Multi-Occupational/FOCUS Class

Multi-Occupational/FOCUS (MOF) students in the Consumer and Family Sciences program were treated to a culinary skills demonstration from Wegmans Corporate Executive Chef Eric Wendorff. Chef Wendorff visited Nancy Beutel’s classroom on Friday, Sept. 28, where he prepared tomato basil with orzo soup with help from students.

Chef Wendorff shared some useful cooking tips with students throughout the cooking and preparation process. Overall, it was a team effort to create the finished dish. Students helped Chef Wendorff by reading the recipe, washing, peeling and chopping vegetables, measuring ingredients, stirring ingredients and washing dishes. All of the students pitched in to make the soup, which made enjoying the finished product even more rewarding.

Chef Wendorff also visited the class in May. His daughter Hannah is a student in the Consumer and Family Sciences program. “The students loved the food Chef Wendorff prepared when he came to our class in May,” said teacher Nancy Beutel. “We’re thrilled to have him back in our classroom.”

Chef Wendorff demonstrating culinary skills Student washing celery Chef Wendorff with MOF Consumer and Family Sciences students