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eSTART ESY students gain work experience through volunteerism

Monroe One's six-week Extended School Year (ESY) program is underway in a number of programs/locations, including O'Connor Academy, Creekside School - Monroe 1 BOCES, Bird/Morgan School, eSTART and RH Integrated.


“ESY allows students to maintain their progress on IEP goals and have a fun summer experience with classmates,” said Director of Student Programs and Services Dr. Cherie Becker.


Several of our eSTART students in the ESY program are gaining work experience by volunteering four days a week from 9-11 a.m. Visits to Instant Monogramming, Inc. and CoreLife Eatery in Brighton found our students working hard.


At Instant Monogramming, Inc., students assist with inventory and unpacking, sorting and preparing items for monogramming.


“The students bring absolute joy everyday," said the company’s Chief Operating Officer Rebecca Hetherington. "They listen and follow through on their assignments. And their job coaches Chelsea Soprano and Carl Piccone really help them succeed."


At CoreLife, students are assisting with food prep, inventory and cleaning and their work has been noticed.


"Working with Monroe One BOCES for the last year and a half has been both rewarding and fun," said CoreLife Eatery District Manager Robert Lewis. "It has been what the business has needed and I love being able to watch the value of the work and development of these students. The staff and managers have loved the partnership."


Great job, students!


eSTART student works this summer

eSTART student volunteers

eSTART student