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Staff information: accessing WinCap and your direct deposit


Instructions on accessing WinCap


During the school closure, Human Resources will remain available to assist all Monroe One employees.


Changes to how HR is handling live checks and direct deposit pay stubs have been emailed to your staff email account. Employees are asked to utilize the Wincap Web system to access direct deposit stubs if you need to review them or need to print out a hard copy.


Log into WinCapWeb ( and click on Employee Self Service and then to My Paychecks:


wincap log in screen


Paychecks will show the last two pay dates but you can see more by entering a date range:


screenshot of wincap paycheck screen


To view the detail of the paycheck, click on the check date and the “Get Checks” button.

This screen will display:


screen shot of the get checks option on wincap


When you select “Print as PDF” in the right hand corner is selected, the document will look very similar to the Direct Deposit notice or check stub you are currently receiving.