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TOUR students celebrate school year accomplishments

Students in the TOUR program are celebrating all they’ve accomplished over the course of this school year.

TOUR, which stands for Transition Opportunities at the University of Rochester, gives students an opportunity to attend a university class on campus. University of Rochester students participate as social and academic coaches, guiding the TOUR students through the college experience.

The program provides internship opportunities on and off campus, which focus on employability skills.

On April 27, Monroe One and U of R held a celebration for the 15 students and their coaches. Throughout the school year, students are able to participate in sports and social activities. They’ve engaged in programs ranging from ballet to optics, and participated in on-campus events like winter fest and social mixers.

During the celebration ceremony, the University Dean spoke on how the program helps everyone – from undergrad students to university staff – to learn and grow.

One student, who is exiting the program this June, encouraged her classmates to keep going. She shared her own personal experiences, explaining how she used to be quiet and shy but her teachers and coaches helped her to communicate better and to be more confident.

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