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Student recognized by RPD for doing the right thing

A freshman in the East Rochester Union Free School District, Aleyx Crocker earned a “Do the Right Thing” Award from the Rochester Police Department for helping a Monroe One staff member who was hurt.

Aleyx is credited with helping a Monroe One staff member who had fallen while entering a school building. Aleyx had arrived at the same time and ran to help, comforting the tutor and helping her into the building before helping to get medical attention.

The Rochester Police Department’s “Do the Right Thing” program recognizes youth for their bravery, courage, and valor. Aleyx was honored in the police department’s first in-person award ceremony since February 2020. Aleyx will also be featured on News 10 NBC, with the ceremony in its entirety livestreamed on Facebook.

Congratulations Aleyx, and thank you for doing the right thing!