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Monroe One nurse featured in healthcare journal

In a recent issue of Rochester’s Healthcare Newspaper, Susie Gatewood shared her experience of caring with empathy and passion.  

Susie Gatewood is a clinical nurse leader for Monroe One, providing care to students in the Rochester City School District. In Good Health, Rochester’s Healthcare Newspaper, featured her commitment to care in its May issue. 

The Nursing Special segment highlights the lessons Susie has learned over her 29 years as a nurse, namely the importance of empathy. 

The article shares how Susie pursued a career in health services after seeing how attentive nurses and doctors were with her sister when they were growing up. As a teen, she began working as a home health aide and CNA.  

Through her dedication to her patients, she shares the vital role nurses play in patient care, and the way long-term nurses can lead those entering the field into a patient-centered care model. 

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