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eSTART teacher shares advice to aspiring English teachers

Ms. Meredith is one of our English teachers at eSTART. As part of our staff spotlight, we want to highlight the impact she has on students throughout our school. She continues to bring a positive light to the classroom, creating lessons that are engaging and enjoyable for every student.

As the Class of 2022 nears graduation, we asked her to share her advice for aspiring English teachers.

To watch her video interview, please click here: eSTART staff spotlight

"Don't forget to enjoy what you're reading, don't always make it into work," shared Ms. Meredith.

She said those moments usually lead to her favorite part of the job. “I think the most fulfilling part of my job is when I get to see the lightbulb go off over someone's head. Like, ‘Oh, I got it.’ That's the best,” she adds.

Ms. Meredith also shared advice that can apply to every student who is looking to further their education. She said in part, “it's important you participate in school whether you're a teacher or student. If you're confused, tell someone. Don't ever be afraid to share.”

As for her least favorite part of her job, she expressed it was hard "having to say goodbye to kids after they graduate."

From the entire class of 2022, we can say that feeling is mutual, and we will all miss Ms. Meredith and her positive outlook. 

This staff spotlight is done in collaboration with Jeff, an eSTART student, as part of his internship.