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Congratulations to our retirees!

Representing more than 350 years of service to our school community, Monroe One had the opportunity to recognize a number of our retirees during a celebration ceremony on Thursday night. In addition to those attending in person, we would like to extend our congratulations to the following retirees who celebrated from different locations:

  • Kathleen Blair
  • Karen Bowlby
  • Nancy L. Brewster
  • Dr. Annette Christensen
  • Barbara Cole
  • Joanne Crowley
  • Dave Dennison
  • Laurie Ewanyk
  • Rusty Farrell
  • Trudy Faucett
  • Nancy Hackett
  • Nancy Hammerton
  • AnnMarie Herbst
  • Karen M. Hill
  • Diane Hopper
  • Robin Hyatt
  • Steve Jackson
  • Tawanda Johnson
  • Tom LaChiusa
  • Linda Lindsay
  • Tracy Mallo
  • Brigid Mansouri
  • Jim Mulcahy
  • Cindy Ottina
  • Linda Rice
  • Judy Rogers
  • Judy Rossi
  • Barbara Stacy
  • Jeff Staheli
  • Tracy Steinburgh
  • Mary Sue Tomkinson
  • Cindy Walton
  • Marianne Waters
  • Betsy Wituszynski
  • Lori Wylie

    To our retirees, you have created countless memories for our students and staff over the years. You are all leaving behind a lasting impact on our school community.