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MOF students team up for holiday project

Collaboration and creativity were at the center of a recent project led by Multi-Occ/FOCUS students in the Digital Media Arts & Communications, 21st Century Tech Skills, and Food Preparation classes.

The end goal was to have holiday cookies baked and decorated, with the classes partnering up from start to finish.

To begin, students in the 21st Century Tech Skills designed the cookie cutters. They uploaded shapes to a Computer-aided Design software, known as CAD, which helps by performing complex geometrical calculations.

From there, the class edited the exported files and used the 3D printer to create the cookie cutters with food-safe plastic.

The final products were then delivered and presented to the Food Preparation class, where students started the baking process. Following recipes, they made the dough from scratch, rolling it out and cutting it with the homemade cookie cutters before baking and decorating the culinary masterpieces.

All throughout the process, students from the Digital Media Arts & Communications class documented the journey, putting together videos to highlight the behind-the-scenes collaboration.

Student photographers spent time in each of the other classrooms to get the perfect shots of each step leading up to the holiday cookie sale.

Those videos can be found on the EMCC Facebook page by clicking here.