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Creekside School chooses Valentine's Day design winners

Valentine's Day door decoration reads "don't go bacon my heart." The other half of the "don't go bacon my heart" poster reads "I couldn't if I fried."Valentine's Day design exclaims "We love you a latte" with a picture of a Starbucks latte.Winnie-the-Pooh is the star of this Valentine's Day design.

Classrooms at Creekside School poured their hearts into creating a design for the Valentine's Day door decorating contest. Judging happened on Valentine's Day, giving students and teachers weeks to create a design that would delight and impress. 

The judges, including Interim Principal Jason Rotundo and T-bone the mascot, had their work cut out for them. They judged designs around the school, but there were three in particular that stood out. A two-part display that read "don't go bacon my heart... I couldn't if I fried" won J-1 a prize. The student-led "we love you a latte" design on Q-3 and the Winnie-the-Pooh display on V-4 were the other two winners of a pizza party. 

Every class that participated did a great job sharing their talent and spreading the love.