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eSTART program invites speaker to address diversity, equity, and inclusion

"You can change the world because I know you can.” Kevin Beckford spoke those encouraging words from a podium set up in the eSTART cafeteria. The program asked him to come speak about diversity, equity, and inclusion – a key part of Monroe One’s vision to empower every student, family, and staff to grow and thrive.  

Beckford said he really believes that we all have a magic wand that is called our cup of change; we just need to decide what to fill it with. Be it addressing racism, addiction, identity – fill your cup with a cause that is important to you. He then engaged eSTART students to talk about some of the biggest problems they see affecting the world today.

The speaker lives in Pittsford and served on the town board there. He told the room of eSTART students and staff that he took the position to effect change and bring inclusionary zoning laws to Pittsford. While he couldn’t get the support needed to change the law, he did start the conversation. Unfortunately, Beckford said, the conversation led to threats against him and his family.  

“When someone is being inhumane to you, make sure you’re humane to them. It shows where the problem is,” explained Beckford. “I used my agency, my position and my power to put a spotlight on the problems of my town. The bottom line is, they couldn't take away my microphone.” 


As an educational organization, Monroe One actively engages in fostering an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture where every individual feels included and supported. To get there, we are building on the 4 pillars of equity specific to our school community. Click here to learn more.