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Smart Start Institute supports digital literacy journey

Monroe One BOCES fostered the progression of a new learning path for local school districts this week. Supported districts participated in an institute to certify NYS Computer Science and Digital Fluency master educators. The institute is funded through NYSED’s Smart Start grant; It’s aimed at bringing teachers up to speed with the learning standards adopted by the Board of Regents in December 2020. The New York State K12 Computer Science and Digital Fluency standards must be fully implemented by the fall of 2024.  

During this week’s 5-day institute, the New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education taught K-8 educators the knowledge and skills to help students succeed in college and their careers. Teachers first learned why the standards are changing, then explored the impacts of computing, computational thinking, networks and system design, and cybersecurity. They had to create five lessons following those concept areas.  

“They're a great bunch of teachers and they've had some very creative ideas and been collaborating, not only with people in their district but from other districts,” said Doreen Pietrantoni, Monroe One Instructional Tech Specialist. 

The lessons created this week will be put on a website that is accessible to all teachers in New York State. Educators will continue their learning through monthly seminars.