Xello/Career Cruising

Career Cruising for K-12

Career Cruising K12 is a complete solution that includes comprehensive assessments career and college planning information workflows to streamline course planning and college application tracking and curriulcum. Demonstrations not trials are available by request.


ccSpringboard - Renewal Only

ccSpringboard includes exceptionally accurate personal assessments inspirational multi- media career profiles richly detailed career and college information employment and resume information all saved to a student's individual learning plan.


Customized Training

Web-based and in-person training options help schools understand how they can use our programs to support school and district outcomes.


Method Test Prep (SAT/ACT Test Prep)

Method Test Prep is the most efficient effective and economical way to help students increase SAT by 150 points on average and ACT test scores by 3 points. Through personalized reporting tools students are able to follow a pathway of learning that measures their strengths online. Demonstrationslimited trials are available by request. Works with Career Cruising for K-12 and Xello.



Xello helps students discover the pathway that's right for them whether it involves a trade college university entrepreneurship or other training. As students gain self-knowledge through assessments and reflection they save careers schools programs and experiences to form a vibrant visual roadmap that's easy to update and share.