CQ Press/Sage Publications

SAGE: Business Cases - subscription per building

Brings business to life, inspiring students to develop their own best practices and prepare for professional success. Our collection is designed to engage students in applying core concepts to practice through the use of real-life examples from the global business environment. 


SAGE: Business Researcher - subscription per building

A collection of original in-depth reports on timely topics in business and management. Reports are published every other week. 


SAGE: Business Stats, per Building

A destination for researchers of all levels to find highly detailed, geographically oriented statistics to inform business research at the state, county, metro area, and ZIP code levels. Business Stats is ideal for anyone creating business plans and carrying out a wide variety of market assessments.


SAGE: Congress Collection, per Building

A dynamic research and reference tool allowing historical analysis of members of Congress, their legislative voting behavior, interest groups, and their interactions in crafting public policy.


SAGE: CQ Almanac 2016 or older edition (single title) (perpetual rights), per building

SAGE: CQ Almanac Archive (1945 - 2014) (perpetual rights), per building

SAGE: CQ Almanac Hosting Fee -- Annual per title, per Building

the definitive annual reference for studying the U.S. Congress. Building on the in-depth reporting and analysis done throughout the year by CQ Roll Call's award-winning news staff, the Almanac offers original narrative accounts of every major piece of legislation that lawmakers considered, including how bills are changed, derailed, or ultimately passed, during a congressional session.



SAGE: CQ Magazine (formally CQ Weekly) Sub, per Building

Provides superior reporting on the world's most powerful legislative body completely and accurately every week.


SAGE: CQ Political Handbook of the World (plus $25 annual host fee per title)

provides timely, thorough, and accurate political information, with more in-depth coverage of current political controversies.


SAGE: CQ Politics in America (plus $25 annual host fee per title)

contains the profiles of the 535 members of the 113th Congress plus the six delegates, and offer concise and candid analysis of personalities, political styles, legislative agendas, political ambitions, and reputations of members at home and on Capitol Hill. Detailed state and district information plus a wealth of information on partisan caucuses, standing committees and other member facts round out the book.


SAGE: CQ Researcher Archive (1923 - Present) (perpetual rights), per Building

SAGE: CQ Researcher Archive Update (must be purchased with CQ Researcher Archive), per Building

SAGE: CQ Researcher Hosting Fee - Annual, per Building

SAGE: CQ Researcher Online, per Building

The choice of students and librarians for over 95 years, CQ Researcher is the acclaimed, award-winning weekly publication that reports on current, newsworthy social issues.


SAGE: Encyclopedia of American Government Collection, per Building

Documents on the U.S. electoral process, political parties and campaigns, voting rights and trends.


SAGE: Local Stats, per Building

An interactive, statistical platform that provides vetted, hard-to-find data to students and academics to use when conducting social science research.


SAGE: Public Affairs Collection, per Building

Brings together CQ's unmatched storehouse of current affairs content in a single, easy-to-use, and fully integrated reference tool. Organized by 22 key public affairs subject headings—like Advocacy and Public Service, Education, Energy, the Environment, Health, and Transportation.


SAGE: SAGE Research Methods Core, per Building

Has many tools designed to guide students through every step of their research project, including research planning, choosing a method, collecting and analyzing data, and writing up the findings.


SAGE: State Stats, per Building

An interactive, statistical platform that provides vetted, hard-to-find data to students and academics to use when conducting social science research.

SAGE: Stats Bundle - Local and State Stats, per Building

SAGE: Stats Bundle - Local, State, and Business Stats, per Building

SAGE: Stats Bundle - US Political Stats and Local Stats, per Building

SAGE: Stats Bundle - US Political Stats and State Stats, per Building

SAGE: Stats Bundle - US Political Stats, Local, and State Stats, per Building


SAGE: Supreme Court Collection, per building

Contains summaries and analysis of more than four thousand major decisions, historical and contemporary, including all cases in which the Burger and Rehnquist Courts (October 1969 to the present) issued a written opinion. Includes links to the full text of the cases. The collection can be searched by topic, justice, and case name. Includes tools to research justices' voting records and opinion alignments.


SAGE: US Political Stats, per Building

a data download and visualization tool that aids researchers in finding and understanding data on the three branches of the United States Government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial). Designed to be intuitive for the novice researcher yet robust enough for senior political scientists, the site allows users to create graphs, charts, and maps to allow for a quick analysis of data trends.


SAGE: Voting and Elections Collection, per Building

Find top-quality reference narratives and documents on elections, parties, voter behavior, and campaigns. Extract election results by meaningful characteristics: candidate, office, locality, and race type over time. Access U.S. election results across states with great historical depth and accuracy.


SAGE: Washington Information Directory

The essential one-stop source for information on U.S. governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations.


SAGE: Data Planet *NEW*

Simplifies data analysis by providing an all-in-one resource for social science researchers and students to access statistics relevant to their areas of study.