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  • Monroe #1 BOCES Music Library

    The Music Library at Monroe #1 BOCES contains over 5,750 titles of choral, band, orchestra, string orchestra, jazz band and jazz vocal music which can be borrowed by those who are paying members of the library service.  Membership is open to all districts in New York State.  For information on the benefits of membership and the associated fee, please contact Roger Wink.

    For those who are chairing All County festivals, music can be ordered directly through the Music Library. There is a limit of four titles per county organization per school year. 

    Music Library News

    You can now stay up-to-date with the latest news about the Music Library, including announcements, new acquisitions and general articles about music education. Just choose "Music Library News" on the menu. 

    Loan Policy for Music and Audio 

    Please follow these procedures when borrowing music:

    1. Selections may be borrowed by the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), the Monroe County School Music Association (MCSMA) and the schools and organizations that have paid the library participation fee.
    2. Music borrowed is on a first-come, first-served basis.
    3. Music may be borrowed for one semester only unless prior arrangements have been made. 
    4. When ordering music, please provide the following information for each piece:
      • Catalog Number
      • Title of Selection
      • Composer
      • Date Required
      • Number of Copies (Choral) or Sets (Band and Orchestra)
      • Voicing (Choral Only)
      • District
      • School
      • Conductor/Music Educator
      • Date of Performance
    5. E-Mail orders to Roger Wink or phone to 585-249-7062.
    6. All music is numbered for inventory purposes. Do not remove or change any numbering.
    7. Prior to returning the music, the borrowing organization will: 
      • Repair all music
      • Collate music
      • Band and Orchestra Music — Place in score order, as numbered, with the Conductor’s Score on top
      • Choral Music — Place in numerical order.
    8. Replace ALL lost parts including scores. The cost would be the responsibility of the borrower.
    9. Music orders and returns should be made to:

    Monroe #1 BOCES Music Library
    Attn: Music Library Staff
    15 Linden Park
    Rochester, New York 14625

    Katie Bertrand
    Director of Library, Media Services and the Arts


  • Instruments

  • Library Holdings (Titles)

    • Choral - 2,551
    • Band - 1,731
    • Orchestra - 598
    • String - 420
    • Jazz Band - 372
    • Vocal Jazz - 95

    Total Titles - 5,767


    • NYSSMA - 12 Zones
    • Monroe County - 17 Districts
    • New York (Outside Monroe) - 3 Districts
  • Strings