605.380 Advanced Report Writing

  • Service Code: 605.380 (605.381)
    Contact(s): Bridget Harris (383-2258)

    • Per district $7008.69
    • RWADA $1.20


      • Advanced Report Writing Service is designed to meet growing data reporting needs, including those resulting from Affordable Care Act reporting requirements. Service includes facilitation of advanced custom reports to the district’s specifications.


        • Approve extracts of required data from the source systems.
        • All data will be transmitted securely.
        • Purchase appropriate license(s) and maintenance for selected program(s).
        • All requirements needs must be communicated up front, prior to beginning development.
        • Scope changes after development may incur additional charges.

      District Responsibilities

        • Provide a mockup of the desired report, define filters, and specify parameters.
        • Provide a primary and secondary contact for the service.
        • Provide staff with knowledge of district procedures and access to data.
        • Comply with all regulations and laws governing student data.
        • Update and maintain the accuracy of data.
        • Provide RIC accounts to the data system(s).

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Facilitate creation of project outline, scope, milestones, costs and timelines consistent with district requests.
        • Facilitate purchase of vendor licenses and services.
        • Serve as liaison between the district and the vendor.
        • Create and maintain custom reports.
        • Provide SQL server query writing support.
        • Train system administrators and provide detailed instructions and documentation.