605.590 Cloud Identity Management

  • Service Code: 605.590
    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (383-2281)
    Charges: $5871 per district


      • The Cloud Identity Management Service is designed to assist school districts in creating a way to incorporate cloud provisioning methods that include necessary components for authentication, password management, and single sign on. Monroe One will also provide and maintain required server licenses and continue to monitor service availability and functionality.


        • Core participation
        • MonroeRIC connectivity
        • Ability to extract required data from the source system.

      District Responsibilities

        • Designate a district primary and secondary contact for service

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Provide ticket, telephone and email support
        • Liaison service for higher-level support needs between district and vendor
        • Provide secure managed accounts for service application operation with appropriate role-based access controls