605.600 EMail

  • Service Code: 605.600 (605.602, 605.607)
    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (383-2281)
    Charges: $41.05 / account


      • The Communication E-mail service provides electronic mail solutions running on virtual computer systems with Internet integration. These server-based solutions include electronic mail, calendaring and scheduling, web access, collaborative information sharing and integrated applications support. Servers are housed at the Monroe RIC and backups are maintained.

        The Virtual Hardware Hosting Service is a centralized private cloud that provides storage for e-mail and related collaborative products and is priced on a per account basis.


        • Core Participation
        • District LAN, MonroeRIC connectivity, Internet access
        • Email domains (i.e.: @district.org)
        • Encryption certificates
        • Microsoft Exchange related client access licensing

      District Responsibilities

        • Designate a district primary and secondary contact for service
        • Promptly notify eCommunications Service Team of a change in contact
        • Provide district staff to plan implementation
        • Determine authorization levels for email accounts
        • Maintain email accounts (i.e.: add/change/delete, quotas, etc.)
        • Renew email domains (i.e.: @district.org)
        • Renew encryption certificates
        • Renew Exchange and related licensing
        • Install email client software on machines and devices
        • Support district staff and students (end users) for email use
        • Request support of and report issues to the RIC Help Desk for prompt service
        • Deploy and maintain anti-virus software compatible with Microsoft Exchange Outlook on email client devices

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Windows Server related server licensing
        • Configure, maintain, test and backup Microsoft Exchange servers
        • Train district system administrator on basic functionality, including backup and restore procedures
        • Provide documentation for both end users and system administrator/technician upon request
        • Provide support by ticket, phone, email, and screen sharing for technical issues
        • Work with vendor support as needed
        • Provide security filtering for Exchange solution
        • Troubleshoot server issues
        • Perform user restores upon request
        • Support district Microsoft Exchange Email Administrator
        • Advise on anti-virus and anti-spam needs
        • Provide servers with default storage, additional storage is an extra fee
        • Monitor and backup servers