605.601 Cloud EMail/Communication

  • Service Code: 605.601

    • 605.601.000 for 0-2000 user accounts
    • 605.601.010 for 2001-5000 user accounts

    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (383-2281)

    • $23.95 per account Cloud E-Mail Support (First: 0-2000)
    • $11.97 per account Cloud E-Mail Support (Qty: 2001-5000)


      • The Email - Cloud service provides support for email services that reside in the cloud. Supported platforms include Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Gmail. The service also provides professional development assistance for the features that reside in each of these cloud solutions. This will be a required service for member districts in fiscal year 2025.


        • MonroeRIC connectivity
        • Cloud Service Licensing (either of):
          • Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)
          • Google Workspace for Education
        • Remote access to the district's Cloud Domain
        • Global Administrator access to the Cloud Domain
        • Remote access to the district's Active Directory and any member servers related to the district's Cloud Domain
        • Temporary domain admin access to install/upgrade the synchronization tools within the domain
        • Dedicated member server for account synchronization tools:
          • Azure Active Directory Connect
          • Google Cloud Directory Sync
            • Google Password Sync is required on all writable domain controllers

      District Responsibilities

        • Grant administrative access to volume licensing web portal for Microsoft Online Services or Google Workspace for Education
        • Assign MonroeRIC as primary administrators for the district's Cloud Domain
        • Provide district technical support staff with limited administrative access to the district's Cloud Domain
        • Provide continuous and remote access to appropriate district or cloud resources and notify the RIC of any accessibility issues
        • Designate staff members as primary and backup contacts to work with RIC staff.
        • Adhere to RIC scheduled downtime required to facilitate changes per Change Control Management
        • Work with the RIC for unscheduled downtime required to resolve any Cloud Domain issues
        • Comply with all legal, regulatory, and licensing requirements.
        • Maintain and upgrade operating systems (including servers and endpoints)
        • Facilitate on-premise Active Directory changes

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Support Cloud Core Suite vendor-provided services
        • Maintain user provisioning and password sync tools
        • Cloud Domain User Administration (i.e. Add, suspend, delete, change, and licensing of user accounts) via license automation groups.
        • Provide up to four hours of best-effort deployment of non-core suite apps (special project hours may be requested for deployments beyond four hours)
        • Remote troubleshooting and resolution of cloud domain issues
        • Support escalation of cloud domain issues to vendor support teams