605.606 Secure EMail Gateway

  • Service Code: 605.606
    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (383-2281)
    Charges: $5507.95 base fee


      • The Monroe 1 RIC Secure Email Gateway Service delivers advanced protection from email threats to avoid data loss through the use of tools such as FortiMail. This added layer of security shields users from a wide range of threats which include unwanted spam, socially-engineered phishing, ransomware, malware, and business email compromise.

        Districts that belong to the 605.600 EMail service have the secure gateway built into the service as a value add and will not need to enlist in this as a separate service. Districts that do not subscribe to the 605.600 EMail service may add this service as a way to provide additional security for their preferred cloud email platform.


        • MonroeRIC Connectivity

      District Responsibilities

        • Designate a district primary and secondary contact for service

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Configure and implement secure email gateway services