605.140 SEMS (Substitute Employee Management System)

  • Service Code: 605.140 (605.140.000, 605.140.010)
    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (383-2281)

    • $47.14 user cost with sub
    • $23.57 user cost without sub


      • This service supports Smart Find Express product which allows districts to fill absences using web-based and telephone-based technology. Staff members report their absences by phone, app, or via the Internet, and the system then fills each open position with the most qualified substitute available based on the district's specifications using criteria such as location, skill set, union contract guidelines, etc. Statistical reports and detailed information are available.


        • Core Participation
        • Licensing and maintenance of product for one year

      District Responsibilities

        • Maintain user accounts and staff detail
        • Manage and maintain daily system operations
        • Facilitate year-end reporting as needed

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Help desk phone and email support for district administrative users
        • Limited end-user support for urgent needs
        • Train-the-trainer training for designated district administrative users
        • Provide guidance for running reports and data maintenance
        • Support staff account updates as needed
        • Contract administration, license tracking and invoicing