605.350 Financial Applications

  • Service Code: 605.350 (605.351, 605.352, 605.353, 605.354)
    Contact(s): Bridget Harris (383-2258)
    Charges: See rate sheet


      • The Financial Applications service is a central server-based financial and payroll system that maintains data records required for federal and state reporting. Modules in WinCAP offerings include general ledger, purchasing, billing, budgeting, accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, human resources, benefits and attendance processing functions. Web-based modules include Time & Attendance, Employee Self Service, and Leave Requests.


        • WinCap Software license
        • Remote Executer license
        • Crystal Reports license
        • VPN license for system administrators
        • Microsoft SQL Server license

      District Responsibilities

        • Designate a system manager responsible for maintaining user accounts and access levels
        • Maintain data within the application
        • Transmission of required state and federal reports
        • In-house printing of reports, checks, and other financial documents
        • Provide application and web support to end-users in the district

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Provide support to district office administrative system users for level 2 and 3 issues such as:
          • Configuration guidance
          • Functionality training
          • Troubleshooting technical issues
          • Module integration guidance
          • Advanced reporting
          • End of year rollover support
          • Affordable Care Act reporting
          • Position Control
          • Time and Attendance (if applicable)
          • State reporting
        • Liaison between vendor and district for escalated support needs
        • Provide general documentation for system functionality
        • Facilitate user groups and year-end processing meetings
        • Provide assistance with imports and exports of data
        • Manage projects for additional module integration.
        • Maintain servers
        • Maintain data backups and support disaster recovery exercises
        • Contract administration, license tracking and invoicing