605.490 Digital HR

  • Service Code: 605.490 (605.491)
    Contact(s): Bridget Harris (383-2258)
    Charges: See rate sheet


      • The Digital HR Service offers Level 1 support for the digital management of personnel files. Such systems will help provide the ability to pull data from other information systems, organize data for HR usage, facilitate processes, digitally store HR documentation and provide assistance for recruiting and hiring. This will assist in maintaining accurate records, save time managing employee data, improve employee communication, and provide data that will help drive decisions.

        Software examples include, but are not limited to:

        • Frontline Recruit & Hire
        • Frontline Central
        • Frontline Time and Absence
        • School Front Personnel Files


        • Licensing and maintenance for use of product for one year

      District Responsibilities

        • School district users control all file maintenance and processing of reports
        • Designation of internal user as a system manager for all user security updates and changes
        • Provide training to internal district staff (ex. building-level users)

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Facilitate user groups and collaboration between districts
        • Contract administration, license tracking and invoicing
        • Provide Level 1 system support