605.420 Server and Storage Hosting

  • Service Codes: 605.420

    • Chargeback 605.421, 605.422

    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (585-383-2281)
    Charges: Per usage


      • This service facilitates district hosting of servers and/or leased storage in the Monroe RIC Data center. Servers are located in a secure and climate controlled environment that integrates 24×7 monitoring with pager alerts, power with UPS, and backup generator, fire suppression, backup job management, and weekly offsite backups. Two types of server hosting are offered with the Monroe RIC:

        • VMWare Hosting
          • Districts purchase VMWare hosts aligned to standard RIC specifications and host them inside of the RIC VMWare environment, leasing storage for the placement of their virtual machine host.
            • Physical hosting fee assessed annually based on physical space utilized in the NOC.
            • Storage fees are based on the amount of space (in TB) used in the VMWare environment.
            • Districts may also add RIC backups to the hosted VMs, charged based on the amount of space (in TB) used to backup the servers.
        • Physical Server and Storage Array Hosting
          • District places physical servers (such as domain controllers, imaging servers, etc.) in the Monroe RIC data center. The district is billed annual based upon the physical rack space (in U).
          • District places physical storage arrays (such as secondary backup storage, secondary VMWare storage) in the Monroe RIC data center. The district is billed annual based upon the physical rack space (in U).


        • Core Participation

      District Responsibilities

        • Provide Anti-Malware software on all virtual and physical servers in the Monroe RIC environment
        • Facilitate all patching and updates on virtual machines in the Monroe RIC environment
        • Provide technical support for hardware issues as needed (physical server and storage array hosting only)
        • Maintain configurations consistent with RIC standards

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Provide rack space, power, and network
        • Provide UPS and generator power to physical hosts and storage
        • Provide AC and fire suppression system
        • Facilitate patches to hosts and storage
        • VMWare Server Hosting
          • Handle all firmware, patching and software updates on the VMWare hosts and storage
          • Handle all hardware failures of physical VMWare hosts and storage
        • Physical Server Hosting
          • Provide server room access when issues arise with physical hardware hosted in NOC (business and after hours)
        • Provide notifications to districts related to needs and outages