605.430 Managed IT

  • Service Code: 605.430
    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (585-383-2281)
    Charges: Per quote


      • This service is designed to assist school districts in their day-to-day support of technology within their school district. The Monroe RIC will provide on-site and remote support through the RIC Helpdesk and Application Support teams to assist on-site M1B technician(s). Technical support also includes local area network support of IP-based technologies and supported classroom technologies.


        • Core Participation

      District Responsibilities

        • Development and implementation of cybersecurity practices aligned to the NIST CSF
        • Planning and implementing staff development activities supporting instructional technology integration
        • Vision, goal, and program development supporting purposeful integration of classroom technology
        • Chair district technology and cyber governance committee work
        • Maintain and verify all student information
        • Financial planning and allocation of funds to support functional needs
        • Prepares documents, reports and materials for the purpose of supporting district operations (policy and practice documents, correspondence, evaluations, state and federal reporting)

      RIC Responsibilities

      • On-Site Tech Responsibilities

        • Local tech support for endpoints and end users including desktops, laptops, supported classroom technologies, printers and general wired/wireless network connectivity
        • Imaging, distribution and deployment of computers (start of school, new student, new hire, etc.)
        • Asset management for inventory and repair purposes
        • Provisioning and maintenance of user accounts for students and staff as directed by district office
        • Day-to-day endpoint management tasks

        RIC Support (Level 2 & 3) Responsibilities

        • Configuration, deployment and maintenance of network devices as well as recommendations for purchasing
        • Guidance for on-site M1B technician relative to stated duties
        • On-site and remote troubleshooting of network issues
        • System-level endpoint management support
        • Project management and coordination with technology vendors
        • Technical support related to implementation of cybersecurity tools and practices