605.540 Network Monitoring

  • Service Code: 605.540

    • Chargeback code 605.541

    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (585-383-2281)
    Charges: $5407.50 per district


      • This service provides an additional layer of monitoring, business intelligence and notifications for critical applications and networks. This will help prevent failures by providing early warnings, offer solutions to potential failures, recommend improvements to create efficiencies, and will give visibility into real-time data analytics that will be helpful for security and compliance as well. Monroe RIC in collaboration with districts and vendors will maintain final authority over any Monroe 1 BOCES equipment and supported networks, servers and applications.

        Examples of supported resources in this service include, but are not limited to, SmartCentre and Network Managed Services.


        • Core Participation

      District Responsibilities

        • Allow network access for RIC monitoring as needed
        • Review alerts and notifications for actionable steps
        • Maintain notification recipient lists

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Deploy, configure, and maintain monitoring systems
        • Device and service monitoring enrollment and onboarding
        • Provide troubleshooting and vendor support interface as needed