605.220 NYS Reporting

  • Service Code: 605.220 (605.224)
    Contact(s): Bridget Harris (383-2258)
    Charges: $4.68 per RWADA


      • This service provides the data collection needed to meet the reporting requirements specified by the New York State Department of Education. Districts are given access to Level 0 along with training and support. NYS Reporting support and training are included in this service. District Data Coordinator meetings are offered to communicate NYSED reporting requirements.


      District Responsibilities

        • Assign a dedicated District Data Coordinator (DDC) as a main point of contact
        • Submit Level 0 authorization forms on an annual basis
        • Attend District Data Coordinator meetings
        • DDC will communicate state reporting deadlines and information to appropriate staff in district
        • DDC is responsible for managing additional district accounts in Level 0
        • Ensure appropriate staff availability to meet state reporting deadlines

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Ensure data collected through Level 0 are made available to load into Level 1 and the NYSED SIRS data warehouse per SED Requirements
        • Provide support and training in the use of Level 0, Level 1 verification reports, and L2RPT reports for the purpose of meeting NYS collection and reporting requirements
        • Provide support and training in NYS reporting rules and requirements
        • Host District Data Coordinator meetings and communicate state reporting deadlines and information