Correlation to the NYS MST Standards

  • Math, Science, and Technology (MST)

    It is important to recognize that Challenger is a learning experience that will only enrich what you already are doing in your classroom. It is more than an isolated field trip; it is a standards-based program, tied to and designed around the New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (MST).

    In recent years, we have made a concerted effort to align our activities with not only with the state standards, but also with the Intermediate Level State Exam in Science (taken at the end of eighth grade). You will find students using dichotomous keys and microscope fields of view, just as they do on the state exam.

    English Language Arts (ELA)

    It is important to remember that even though Challenger has a definite focus on Science and Math, the activities allow for English Language Arts to be woven in. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking play in a Challenger mission. Our teacher training manual offers many new ELA activities for teachers to use with students. Prior to their visit to Challenger, students will be evaluating document based questions, reading historical literature, and writing authentic letters within the context of working as an astronaut.

    For more on standards alignment, see our In-Depth Standards Alignment [pdf].

Join us for a Teacher Orientation session!

  • The Challenger Learning Center is proud to be a leader in Math, Science, and Technology education. We work hard to support teachers in making this the best experience for students.

    We offer a two-hour Teacher Orientation session to any interested educators. Features include:

    • Tour of the Facility
    • Copy of Teacher’s Manual
    • Suggested Training Activities
    • Question and Answer session

    It is hard to know what to expect from Challenger until you see it in person! The Teacher Orientation is a necessary first step for anyone unfamiliar with Challenger. Also, we make frequent updates to the Challenger Learning Center—we welcome back any veteran teachers who would like an updated manual and refresher course on how to prepare students for their mission.

    To find out when the next Teacher Orientation is scheduled, please call Amy Vallone at 585-383-2290.

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