Technology Planning

  • NYSED has now created a requirement for submitting a technology survey that provides information about Districts' technology plans. More information can be found at the Ed Tech website at State Ed.
    We have developed a summary document that can be found at the bottom of this page to help with a quick understanding of the survey.
    Why? The requirement for districts to have a Technology Plan is not a new one (Regulation 100.12). However, this year there is a new required process for having State Ed approve these plans. Districts must submit a 3 year Technology Plan by October 16, 2015 that covers July 1, 2015-June 30, 2018. A certified plan must be submitted for both CoSer aid through BOCES on technology purchases AND the application for the SmartBond Act funding.
    When is this due? For the 2015-16 school year, plans must be submitted by the District Superintendent by October 16, 2015 through the business portal with SED.
    What do I have to do? As part of the submittal process, the Regional Information Center is to review each survey prior to submissions to SED and certify that it is complete and logical. This is to be done PRIOR to the superintendent submitting the plan to the state.
    Districts within the Monroe RIC are asked to submit their survey plan as a Word or PDF document by August 26, 2015. Certified RIC Reviewers will then be in contact following your submission.
    Steps for submitting your survey for review (Quick link to submit your Technology Plan Survey)

    1. Work with local Model Schools personnel to put together the survey from your Tech Plan.
    2. It is recommended that you develop the plan using the Word Template from State Ed. so that you can have an archive of this moving forward. Due to the technical issues of submitting on the website, Tables will have to be recreated however.
    3. Once completed, save the Survey as a PDF and submit to :  by August 26, 2015
    4. Your plan will be assigned to a certified RIC reviewer who will be in contact with you within 7 days.
    5. Your reviewer will either
          a) send you a signed checklist. This means it has been certified and can be submitted for approval to state ed.
          b) send you a checklist that is not signed but has notes on it for you to address. You will need to address these and then RESUBMIT at the site.
    6. Your Survey must be certified prior to your Superintendent submitting on October 16, 2015.


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