605.370 PD Systems

  • Service Codes:

    • Frontline Growth Service Code: 605.370.020
      • $2251.49 per district (605.373) plus vendor chargeback
    • WinCAP PD Service Code: 605.370.030
      • $2618 per district (605.374) plus vendor chargeback

    Contact(s): Christine Treasure (383-6620)


      • This service provides options for web-based, on-line Professional Development Management applications for school districts that address the various needs of K-12 staff development.

        Products such as Frontline Professional Growth and WinCap PD provide support and tools for district personnel in managing workshops, seminars, and other learning events including such things as on-line catalogs, courses, registrations, e-mail notifications, waiting list management, and class rosters. These applications may also manage staff learning plans, portfolios, transcripts and reports which educators may use to apply for re-certification or as part of their on-going professional development tracking.


        • Required Services
          • Core Participation
        • Licensing and maintenance for use of product for one year

      District Responsibilities

        • Manage file maintenance and processing of reports
        • Designation of internal user as a System Manager for all user security updates and changes
        • Provide training to district staff (end-user training)

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Application support for District Office staff
        • Act as liaison between district and vendor for product enhancements and problem resolution
        • Provide “train-the-trainer” training to appropriate district office staff
        • Contract administration, license tracking and invoicing