605.237 IEP Direct-Medicaid

  • Service Code: 605.237 (605.236)
    Contact(s): Bridget Harris (383-2258)
    Charges: $0.20 per RWADA


      • Frontline Medicaid is a web-based solution that works in conjunction with 605.230 IEP Direct to streamline the Medicaid billing process and meet the compliance requirements of the NYS Preschool/School Supportive Health Services Program. The Medicaid Direct Toolkit also allows for Medicaid claiming analytics to maximize reimbursement.


      District Responsibilities

        • Designate a district Frontline Medicaid contact
        • Ensure appropriate staff availability to meet state reporting deadlines
        • Manage user access and security
        • Receive and review all relevant announcements and communications from the RIC and vendor
        • Create/maintain local (district) tables and field values in software
        • Provide appropriate RIC staff with user account for software support

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Provide first-tier application support
        • Serve as liaison between the district and the vendor
        • Provide and/or facilitate training supporting product usage
        • Ensure vendor is aware of and responsive to NYSSHSP changes and requirements
        • Serve as a liaison to SED for district questions regarding state requirements related to Medicaid reimbursements