605.250 Student Management System

  • Service Code: 605.250
    Contact(s): Bridget Harris (383-2258)
    Charges: See rate sheet


      • Student Management Systems are various software packages that enable school districts to manage their extensive student information needs. Highly trained technical and competent support personnel work with districts to provide service and expertise as needed by the individual districts. Supported SMS systems include SchoolTool and Infinite Campus.


        • Core Participation

      District Responsibilities

        • Provide hardware and connectivity consistent with vendor requirements.
        • Primary usage, maintenance of calendars and catalogs.
        • Provide appropriate access to district-level users.
        • Ingestion and maintenance of student and staff data.
        • Accept responsibility for forms and paper management as well as printing of reports.
        • Designate SMS Coordinator, District Data Coordinator, and building-level coordinators.
        • Send appropriate representation to Monroe RIC User Group Meetings and workshops.
        • Receive and review all relevant announcements, directions, and documentation from Monroe RIC staff.
        • Produce and save recommended reports annually as suggested by Monroe One RIC staff.
        • Maintain and update district calendar in SMS with Monroe RIC support.
        • Perform annual roll-over tasks with RIC guidance.
        • Submit support requests with appropriate context.
        • Provide end-user training.
        • Manage third-party software that integrates into Student Management Systems.
        • Develop and run report cards, grading windows, etc.
        • Setup and maintain individual vendor support accounts as communicated by the RIC.

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Provide secure online access to websites and servers (if any) hosted at the Monroe RIC.
        • Provide a means for purchasing necessary hardware, software, and networking and communications equipment to be utilized with this service.
        • Facilitate application and system software updates as needed.
        • Serve as a liaison between the district and the vendor.
        • Support additional report and data export needs.
        • Ensure vendor is aware of and responsive to NYS reporting changes and requirements.
        • Provide training and documentation to district system administrator(s).
        • Host user meetings, workshops, and trainings.
        • Provide ongoing guidance on data entry into the application, in accordance with NYS requirements.
        • Assist with setting up schedules for NYS Exports.
        • Integration of select third-party products via APIs.
        • Provide troubleshooting support.
        • Facilitate data backups as designated.
        • Facilitate disaster recovery needs related to production databases.
        • Manage data integration processes at year-to-year transitions.
        • Communicate vendor support account credentials to district for provisioning.