• 2024 rolled certificate surrounded by circle of silver confetti2024 Student Recognition & Award Ceremony

    Monday, June 17, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.
    Students must be at the Kodak Center by 6:00 p.m.

    Kodak Center
    200 West Ridge Road
    Rochester, NY 14615

    Appropriate, professional attire is requested for the ceremony. For this occasion, modesty is the best policy.

    We appreciate your cooperation in making our 2024 Student Recognition & Certification Ceremony an enjoyable and memorable occasion.

Kodak Center: House Rules

    • No bags larger than 8.5”x6”x11”
    • No outside food or drinks; Unopened water bottle is okay
    • No alcohol, illegal drugs, or marijuana (medical or otherwise) in any form
    • No weapons or firearms, including pocketknives and other sharp, metallic objects (Including off duty law enforcement)
    • No laptops, tablets, or e-readers
    • No flammable objects like fireworks, flashlights, or laser pointers
    • No helium balloons
    • No fog horns
    • No large golf/pointed umbrellas
    • No strollers
    • No animals, except service animals (as defined by the ADA)
    • No smoking or vaping inside the building or within 25 ft. of the building outside per NYS policy
    • No unauthorized solicitation
    • No fighting, horseplay, gambling, bullying, or heckling
    • No unauthorized re-entry
    • Students will not be able to leave after entry

    • All Persons and Bags Subject to Inspection and Electromagnetic Wanding. Violators Subject to Removal.

    • Emergencies: 911

Directions to Kodak Center

  • Coming from the West (Buffalo, etc.)

  • Coming from the East (Albany, Syracuse, etc.)

  • Coming from the South (Geneseo etc.)

Kodak Center: Parking Map

  • 200 West Ridge Road, Rochester, NY 14615

Kodak House Rules and Parking Map (pdf)

  • Must Read: House Rules and Parking Map