General Information - Non-Public Textbook Service

  • See "Related Files" at the bottom of this page for copies of these forms. 

    Private School Personnel User Manual

    This manual provides detailed instructions for requesting textbook materials using the online ordering system.  The manual can be printed or viewed from the main menu of your school page.

    Summer Delivery Information

    Please log in to your school page and complete the Note Section with summer textbook delivery instructions, including dates closed for delivery.

    Please provide a ‘no-stairs’ route for our couriers as they will be using hand trucks. Couriers will deliver books to the main office or a safe place designated near the delivery entrance.  Couriers are not permitted to deliver to classrooms, etc.  Please be aware that a signature may be required for some deliveries.

    Textbook Return Form

    Our couriers will retrieve textbooks loaned that are no longer in use.  Please complete a separate Textbook Return Form for each textbook title, include your school name and indicate the number of books returned for each of the participating districts.  Monroe #1 BOCES stamps the school district of ownership in each non-consumable textbook, please only return books that belong to districts listed on this form and have the district stamp.  

    Please email Kathy Altieri to schedule a pickup. 

    We will begin scheduling in October 2023. Textbooks should be boxed in sturdy containers weighing no more than 40 lbs and be located near an entrance with no stair access.  Please put your school name on the outside of the boxes.

    Parent/Guardian Authorization for Request of Textbook Loan

    This form or a similar document should be used by the non-public school as authorization from the parent/guardian to request textbooks on behalf of their children from the school district of residence.  This documentation should be kept on file at the non-public school for the duration of the student enrollment. 

Related Files