605.620 Internet Filtering

  • Service Code: 605.620

    • RWADA code: 605.621
    • Chargeback code: 605.622

    Contact(s): Dan Fullerton (383-2281)

    • $2312.17 per district (605.620)
    • $0.68 * RWADA (605.621)
    • Chargebacks (605.622)


      • This service provides procurement support for CIPA-compliant internet filtering solutions as well as technical support for Lightspeed Relay.

      District Responsibilities

        • Maintain / manage day-to-day configuration and functional changes
        • Contact RIC staff when issues requiring support arise
        • Configuration and troubleshooting of products outside of Lightspeed Relay
        • Deployment of necessary agents for use of products

      RIC Responsibilities

        • Aid in the troubleshooting of Lightspeed Relay filtering
        • Hosting of Lightspeed Relay Rockets for guest traffic
        • Assist in setup and configuration of Lightspeed Relay
        • Procurement of licensing for Lightspeed Relay, Classroom, Alert, and Analytics
          • Procurement of other filtering options (outside scope of RIC support)
        • Liaison between Lightspeed Relay support staff and district as needed