Urban-Suburban Governance Board

  • The Governance Board of the Urban-Suburban Inter-district Transfer Program represents the participating suburban districts. The Board consists of one representative, preferably the superintendent, from each participating suburban district as well the Monroe One BOCES Superintendent (or designee) and  the Rochester City School District Superintendent (or designee).  In addition, the Urban-Suburban Program Director and the Program Community Liaisons will serve on the Board as non-voting members.  The Governance Board has the power and duty to set forth all program policies and procedures.

Urban-Suburban Governance Board 2022-2023

  • Voting Members

    • Dr. Kevin McGowan, Brighton;
    • Mr. Sean Bruno, Brockport;
    • Ms. Mary Grow, East Irondequoit;
    • Mr. James Haugh, East Rochester;
    • Mr. Brett Provenzano, Fairport;
    • Mr. Gene Mancuso, Honeoye Falls-Lima;
    • Dr. Casey Kosiorek, Hilton;
    • Dr. Cathleen Hauber, Monroe One BOCES;
    • Mr. Daniel White, Monroe One BOCES;
    • Dr. Thomas Putnam, Penfield;
    • Mr. Michael Pero, Pittsford;
    • Dr. Barbara Mullen, Rush-Henrietta;
    • Ms. Kristin Swann, Spencerport;
    • Mr. Brian Neenan, Webster;
    • Dr. Aaron Johnson, West Irondequoit;
    • Ms. Lynda Quick, Esq., Wheatland-Chili;
    • Dr. Carmine Peluso, Rochester City School District.

    Non-voting Members 

    • Ms. Monique DeVries, Urban-Suburban Program, Monroe One BOCES;
    • Ms. Shateela Hill, Urban-Suburban Program, Monroe One BOCES;
    • Ms. Latasha Pride, Urban-Suburban Program, Monroe One BOCES;    
    • Ms. Felicia Smith, Urban-Suburban Program, Monroe One BOCES;
    • Dr. Kara Finnigan, University of Rochester;
    • Ms. Janice Kpor, Urban-Suburban Parent Advisory Council.