Reasons For Seasons Video Conference

Reasons for Seasons Video Conference

  • The Challenger Learning Center is proud to present a new and exciting way to bring state-of-the-art technology into your classroom, and into the hands of your students. By using video conferencing technology, your students will participate in a hands-on, engaging distance learning experience with our Mission Commanders.

    Our Reasons For Seasons Video Conference discusses what causes the changes in the seasons. Join the fun now!

    Your classroom comes alive via distance learning technology! Our Instructional Specialists are ready to challenge your students with demonstrations, Hands-On activities, and even a high tech game show style quiz to assess their understanding...all from the comfort of your own classroom!

    Give us a call to set up the conference. We can also ship a kit of hand-on experiments to you for use during the conference. Contact us for cost information. Our premiere conference is based on Reasons for the Seasons-Rotation and Revolution of the Earth, and is well rooted in national and state learning standards. Join the fun now!

    Sign Up and Pricing Information

    To sign up for a video conference, please fill out this electronic Video Conference Reservation Form.

    If you are having difficulty with the electronic format, please download this Reservation Form file, fill out and send according to the directions on the form.

    Please contact Amy Vallone at for pricing information.