Fraction Hero

  • Join us for a colorful, electrifying introduction to the world of Fractions. Fraction Hero is our over-the-top Super Hero who helps breathe life into fractions for young learners. Learn and laugh with hands-on materials and a trio of humor-filled programs that must be seen to be believed.

    Session 1: Fractions As Sharing
    Our masked hero will welcome your class to the Math Lab for an adventure into recognizing Fractions as expressions of sharing and division. Learn along with clay, fraction tiles, and a sharing mat!

    Session 2: Number Lines
    Fraction Hero takes on the evil villain Captain Irrational! Your students will be bouncing around the number line in no time! Fraction Hero competes in the Intergalactic Olympics as your students use fraction tiles and a colorful workbook to enhance the understanding of
    fractions as numbers on the number line.

    Session 3: Equivalence
    We’ve cracked the code on making fractions fun, as Fraction Hero takes on Pizza Pirate in a contest of equivalent fractions! How can 5 be greater than 6? Our high energy trilogy finishes big with lots of handson manipulataives, and plenty of humor and inquiry.

    Each session is a separate video conference time/day.
    Select one, two, or all three sessions. Grade 3

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