• 3...2...1! BLASTOFF! Ignite their passion for learning and exploration through a rousing simulated space mission to Mars! The Challenger Learning Center’s Mission Commanders will cultivate your learners’ curiosity and imagination as they face challenges and responsibilities of a Mission Specialist.

    This is anything but ordinary. Your students will participate in multiple experiences:

    One “Pre-Flight” live session

    Hours of unlimited access to asynchronous training content

    One culminating “Mission” live session

    With help from our NASA Mission Commanders, your students will take on the roles of Mission Specialists, and contribute their findings to help propel the astronauts to success on Mars! We will launch probes, analyze data, make critical decisions, and solve problems as a team to successfully help astronauts obtain a sample from the surface of the red planet.

    This event is like no other distance learning experience. High energy live interactions, along with role-play cinematic story beats immerse your learners in a world of inquiry, positivity, teamwork, self-value, and rewarding achievement.