EMCC Dual Enrollment (College Credit) Options

  • Many courses at EMCC offer the opportunity to earn college credit in addition to the high school credits you already earn. 


    Articulation Agreement

    Many programs offer articulation agreements with specific colleges. These agreements allow the student to advance to higher level courses in their area of study at their chosen college (based on the successful completion of an EMCC program). These credits are NOT transferable, which means they only apply to the school with which the agreement was made. Some are at no extra cost to the student, while others charge tuition. Each program varies depending on the sponsoring college. Please check with the EMCC counselors to learn more.

    Dual Enrollment

    EMCC, Monroe Community College (MCC), and Genesee Community College (GCC) have joined to offer college credit to students while they are attending high school. These credits are transferable to many colleges and universities.

    (MCC has a minimum class size requirement in order for a class to be offered.)
    (Dual enrollment offerings listed in course book are subject to change.)

    Who teaches the course?

    The EMCC instructor teaches and works closely with college faculty to ensure that course outcomes and objectives are reached.

    Will I learn different material than the rest of the class?

    Courses offering dual enrollment cover the same curriculum and maintain the same high standards for all students. Students are not required to register for dual enrollment.

    What is the benefit of dual enrollment?

    When a student completes the course, it appears as a true college credit on an MCC or GCC transcript.

    What is the cost?

    Students pay only 1/3 the regular tuition per credit hour.